Rev. Michael Carbone
"I Hear Dead People (TM)"   ---   Psychic, Medium, Reader, Minister, Healer EditDeleteLock
Psychic, Medium, Healer -- 
Internet Radio Personality for the past 6 yrs.
Published author and founder of 
Be The Light Metaphysical Center 
in New Port Richey, FL
As you can see 
Rev Michael Carbone is more 
than a minister.  
He is your Spiritual Advisor and so much more.
Are you looking for an interfaith Metaphysical Minister who is not all about Fire & Brimstone?  Then look no further!
A Psychic Medium since he was a child, Rev Michael grew up attending Catholic School and was an Altar Boy for many years.  He always questioned his gifts and asked why did the Priest and church say it was the work of the devil.
Rev Michael even asked his local Priest while INSIDE the church that if the devil can not work or do anything inside the church then why can he still see and hear the spirits who are sitting in the pews just smiling.
The answer Rev Michael received was to go and say a few rosary beads for penance for asking so many questions.
You've probably heard Rev Michael on Blog Talk Radio where he is the host and founder of Be The Light Now Radio Network.
Rev Michael is also the founder of Be The Light Metaphysical Center located in New Port Richey, FL.
Rev Michael received the message to build the center and people will come and to use modern technology to it's fullest advantage.
So if you are looking for a minister who goes against the grain, then look no further!
"I Hear Dead People (TM)"
Rev Michael Carbone is available 
for in person guest appearances, television and radio interviews.