Rev. Michael Carbone
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Rev Michael Carbone

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Reader, Ordained Metaphysical Minister,

Radio Personality, Healer



About Rev Michael

Not your typical minister!


Rev Michael has been a psychic medium since he was a child.  

He has always known of his gifts.  Ministry has always been in his 

blood so to speak.  Growing up in the Roman Catholic faith, 

Rev Michael was an altar boy at a very young age and continued 

longer than most others. 


Everyone knew he would be a minister but it wasn't until he was in 

his 30's that he took the vows to help others by spreading the word 

of God.


He's not your typical minister in that he welcomes all faiths.  He is an interfaith minister.  Or has he puts it he's a Metaphysical Minister.  He is also the founder of Be The Light Metaphysical Center located in New Port Richey, FL.  Rev Michael and his deceased partner Louie Russell founded the center in 2011.  After Louie's passing in 2014, Rev Michael turned the day to day operations over to Rev Julia Slouber and Rev Tony who continue running the center.  Rev Michael is now Pastor Emeritus. He is a permanent board member and a Sr Advisor.  Rev Michael continues to provide ministerial services at the center and officiates weddings, funerals and all ordinations.


Check out the Services page to see what Rev Michael can do for you.  

You won't regret it!  His latest adventure is through his "I Hear Dead People (TM)" sessions.


Rev Michael has visited the other side as a "visitor" where he met 

departed loved ones as well as his own personal guides.  While there he visited the great Hall Of Records and saw his own Akashic Records.


The love from the spiritual realm is AMAZING as he puts it.


Do not mourn for your departed loved ones for they are no longer in 

pain and you are already with them in the spiritual world.  Rev Michael received many messages to let us all know that since we are spiritual 

beings that we are in a dual existence.  We are existing not only in this physical realm but also in the spiritual.  His message was that in the 

spiritual realm there is no sense of time that all exists at the same 

time with just a thought.  It's our conscious MIND that exists in the 

here and now through time constraints on this dimension.


Rev Michael was widowed in 2014 when his soul mate, partner and HUSBAND Louie Russell departed this world and entered back into the spiritual one.  They were together for 17 years and Louie was always 

very supportive of Rev Michael's gifts from God.


Rev Michael was also blessed this year when he met an amazing man

who was brought to him by spirit.  It's rare to find someone that you have

so much in common with, and the two of them have so much in common

that they can't find anything different between the two.


His new partner in life was also widowed in 2014.  Through messages that

Rev Michael received as well as those he has received it was discovered that both partners who are in spirit worked together to bring Rev Michael and Ed together.


Neither was looking for another spouse but when Ed saw Rev Michael's information on line he knew he had to contact him.  The rest is history.


For more information regarding Rev Michael's books please visit:

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