Rev. Michael Carbone
"I Hear Dead People (TM)"   ---   Psychic, Medium, Reader, Minister, Healer EditDeleteLock
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I wanted to take a moment to let you know about my experience with Michael. From the time you meet him, you feel like you have known him forever.
The first reading I had was at Be The Light Metaphysical church and he did not know me at all and was able to ask me about "important" people in my life and descriptions without me saying a word. He even knew about plans I had to honor my grandmother, and advised me if I did what I wanted she would haunt me for
With Michael being able to speak about so much with out even knowing me lead me to do a more personal one on one. He was extremely informative and now I am just waiting to see what wonderful surprises and changes lie ahead for me as he predicted. I would highly recommend speaking to Michael on a one on one session, even if it is only 1/2 hr, it is well worth the time!!
Christina, Spring Hill, FL
Michael is amazing!!!  I was talking with Michael in February and he said by April I'd find the man of my dreams and get married.  OMG was he ever correct.  I met Jim on April 5'th and on April 30'th we were married.  Jim is exactly like Michael described, even down to the sky blue eyes Michael saw.
Jean, Tampa, FL
You have to have a reading with Michael.  AMAZING!!!  He told me I'd be in a better job by July working for myself and he was correct.  I started my own Insurance business in July.  Not only am I feeling better about the work that I do.  I have actually increased my income.  Thank you Michael for the insight into such a wonderful future.
Katherine, Brandon, FL
I don't know how you knew it, but WOW you were right on.  A year ago you saw me having a baby girl.  I laughed and said OH NO!!  This baby factory is closed.  Well - you were right, I'm pregnant and it's a girl.
C.E., Australia